What’s Commission Magnets?

Commission Magnets Honest Review

I want to spend the time today called the question Commission Magnets or just another scam that was fat?

I’m not a huge fan of introductions let us get right into the business.

What’s Commission Magnets?

Commission Magnets is a class that comes with 8 modules which will teach you to drive traffic to affiliate products or your CPA to make money Commission Magnets

Show you what you are going to exactly buy and I personally went to have a look.

The program is easy so even beginners can benefit from it, it is not very long since each video is about 12-15 minutes long but what I don’t like about it is the fact the owner (Glynn Kowsky) is hyping things up.

I really don’t like the headline on the official website, learn how to make over $900 a week and the fact it claims that the system is 100% free, the machine comes with many upsells and $900 per week is too much hype.

With that said, I’m pleased to inform you that Commission Magnets isn’t a scam, it provides and it will not cost thousands of dollars.

Before we jump to see what the classes are all about and what they will teach you, I would like to shed some light on the guy behind Commission Magnets, Glynn Kowsky I understand he is partnering with Dr.Abdullah but here I shed light only on the top head of the item.

Who is Glynn Kosky?

Glynn Kosky is a very experienced online marketer that had a terrific success in the affiliate marketing world, he’s quite knowledgeable in this field.

He has created a lot of products to Commission Magnets.Glynn Kosky Commission Magnets’ owner

What I do not like about him is that he creates a bunch of goods that are similar , at the time of this writing, he has a great deal of products like Commission Magnets out there.

Some of his applications are called, $300 CPA Everyday, Overnight commissions Commission Profit Hack, Commission Blueprint and there are a lot more out there.

My question, why don’t you focus and create on one program and try to improve it instead of creating new ones ?

Of course, I am not on the level of Glynn Kosky to tell him what to do, but in my opinion creating tons of merchandise is something that unethical internet marketers do to earn a quick buck from newbies and the goods definitely will not be high quality.

Let’s get back to our main topic of today and have a look at the actual training.

A Look Inside Commission Magnets Coaching

The program is easy as I said before this course is in video format and you will find 8 modules and even newbies can do it.

With that said let’s have a look at each module whether there’s value and see.

Before you start the course you will find a debut video that will walk you through the whole system to get knowledgeable about it, you want to ensure you watch that, there is also a webinar you’ll be able to watch, it shows you how a newbie made a killing online by selling weird stuff.

You will surely learn two or one thing from this free webinar.

This module will describe how the whole system works, so essentially the video is Commission Magnets module 1 about describing how you can find problems that people have which are a excellent chance for you to help them by advocating affiliate or CPA products which will be useful for them.

So you will discover how to create a landing page for free, how to set up an autoresponder and how to drive traffic.

So module 1 is an overview the modules will describe each step in details.

In this module you will learn and CPA offers that worked for Glynn Kosky, so as he claims they’re proven and tested.

There are products that you can promote ticket programs included.

The video is 14 minutes long and there’s a good deal of value here.

Module 3: Create a Landing Page at No Cost

In the third module of Commission Magnets training you will learn how to create a landing page, the training goes beyond that it also teaches you the difference between a landing page and a squeeze page, the way to make your landing page convert like crazy by picking up the right headlines.

You will also learn how to connect your landing page to your autoresponder, this is an interesting video, I am sure it will be loved by you.

Aweber free trial

You’ll be given a link to combine Aweber 30 days trial which is in my view, the best autoresponder from the game.

Module 4: How to Create Follow Up Series

You will be taught how to create follow up series onto it.

Follow up series are emails as soon as you set them up that you can set up to go to your email readers they will go automatically for you.

Evidently you will discover these you will also learn how to create follow up series that people can not help but open.
Module 5: Insane Amount of Free Traffic

Well I really don’t like this module so much for one reason, I despise Mr. Kosky keeps hyping things up, not just in Commission Magnets but in all of his other products he’s always like, you may discover how I create tons of traffic using an untapped traffic source, but it always turns out to be Instagram.

A great deal of people use Instagram to get traffic, in this module, you will find out how to get free traffic to your products.

Honestly you’ll be only thought what tools to use and how to make beautiful images for your Instagram account.

The video below covers the tools to utilize more than to get visitors.

From the sales page of Commission Magnets you are advised not to go for visitors that was paid, but this module is all about how to buy targeted visitors.

Is taken from their website.

Commission Magnets Paid traffic

This movie will remind you what you need to do, it is basically a recap of everything that has been mentioned in the previous modules together with tips.

Module 8 Case Study

This is a case study which will show you the results they got from what you will learn exactly from the Commissions Magnet training.

Module 9: FAQ’s

They count the faqs as a module, you will find here you might want a look here although I stated that there are 8 modules on this course.

We had a look at the modules let’s see the pricing.

How Much Will Commission Magnets Cost You? Any Upsells?

The training costs a few dollars that’s honestly a little price for a program that provides good information since you’ll be using Aweber it’s worth mentioning it is going to cost you $19 per month after your trial ends and the solo ads will cost you money too.

There are some upsells but you are not forced to buy if you do not want, they are supposed to make your Commission Magnets life more easy and automated.

I’ve reviewed a great deal of goods that don’t allow if you don’t purchase that upsell you to experience the lessons.

Take a look to see if they’re worth it.

Upsell 1: Done For You Bundle

This upsell is supposed to accelerate your achievement by plugging into a traffic source, honestly speaking there is no traffic source out there that you can plug into and see fast results.

This one costs $19 and if you try to leave the page you’ll unlock a discount (down sell) the price will be $12.

The downsells are something that Glynn loves to do, his products all have upsells and down sells.

Here you’ll learn how to do email marketing, since you’re using Aweber as an autoresponder to be honest, nothing special they have video tutorials and great tutorials on how to do email marketing.

Although the cost is too much for swipes if I had to grab this upsell it would be for the email swipes.

This will cost you $27 and there is a down sell which is $17.

3: High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs

This one looks crazy and it costs $37/$27 there are affiliate programs out there like Clickbank.

Only a google search will find you a great deal of affiliate programs, you do not need this.

4: License Rights & Skype Consultation

It is possible to license Glynn Kosky products to market them to keep all the profits, you will also receive 30 days of Skype consultation to ask Glynn anything related to email marketing.

I’d suggest this upsell over any of the preceding ones since Glynn Kosky is a guy.

The cost here is $97/$47.

Here down sells of Commission Magnets in one photo and are the upsells.

Commission Magnets upsells

What I enjoy & Don’t Like About Commission Magnets

Here you’ll discover the good and the bad of the program based on my opinion.
What I like

The Price is very affordable

The Training offers a lot of good information

Good for Newbies

The training is not very long and it’s easy to understand

What I don’t Like

Lots of hype, Earn $900 per week.

It isn’t explained how you can get traffic from it and the so-called free traffic procedure is Instagram, the visitors coaching is more about how to establish your Instagram account.

Glynn Kosky creates a good deal of products and he never concentrates to make it better.

Is Commission Magnets a Scam?

Commission Magnets is NOT a scam, it’s a training that’s well worth the price, however, I think there are way better options out there.

The ideal training for beginners where they could find out how to begin an internet business is Wealthy Affiliate and it’s the program I recommend to anyone serious about creating a good income online.

While Wealthy Affiliate is online over a decade now, Commission Magnets was launched a few months ago, it is a program that’s constantly updated and enhanced by the owners that focus on it every day.

Wealthy Affiliate is free to test and it is not just a training it’s a community where you will see members .

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