Is ITraffic X Scam Or Legit

ITraffic X Inspection — Introduction

We all know too well that videos can improve our business performance in a magical manner. But not all business owners can implement this step since it requires a lot to make professional sales videos. What’s more, it requires users to go through an extremely complicated process, and you will need to have some good skills.Is ITraffic X Scam Or Legit

For that reason, iTraffic X was released by Billy Dar in order to adapt to this demand. By using this program, you’re capable of making high-converting videos with a limited budget. Follow my iTraffic X Review for more details.

X that is iTraffic is a cloud-based suite that lets users create traffic in a approach. What sets this tool apart is that it can launch multiple videos in the chosen niche within a few simple clicks. After uploading your products, you just need to watch for the best results.

Additionally, iTraffic X integrates seamlessly with more than 13 social media channels through their API. As a result, you can share your supplies, links, and articles across the world wide web immediately.

ITraffic X Review — About Author

If you pay attention to automation platforms, you will definitely know that Billy Darr is an outstanding programmer in this niche. Some products such as Tube Passive Profits, Insta Cash Machine, etc allow users to get the most out of societal channels to boost their sales performance.

Due to his previous successes, I don’t have any doubt that iTraffic X is going to follow this familiar track. Later in this iTraffic X Review, I will further articulate how reassuring it is as a video maker.

ITraffic X Review — Features & Benefits

I used this product as beta tester and now I’m going to make this honest review for you.
Here are some amazing features contained within iTraffic X:

  • Users can easily access the platform from any device, as well as unlock an unlimited source of free traffic via video Advertising
    Synchronize users’ social media accounts with the software in only one click
  • Come up with high-converting sales videos to your offers, products, and solutions
  • Provide subscribers with an over the shoulder training class which leads you through the process of obtaining traffic and earnings
  • Offer a Wide Array of valuable bonuses to skyrocket your business outcomes, and They’re piled in an additional suite
  • Look for 24/7 support from the development group

Who Should Buy It?

As I have mentioned, one of Billy’s strengths is to automate the entire procedure. This way, you are able to do less while achieving more. As technology is continually changing, you want to work smarter, not harder. Because of this, iTraffic X is an exceptional choice for Internet marketers.

Unlike other programs which still use the outdated interfaces with low responsiveness, this tool adopts a skilled dashboard with a great deal of built-in features. Thus, you can expect your customers to turn their attention to your website or page.

Another thing that left a wonderful impression on me is how this stage takes advantage of the APIs with a view to linking your interface to important social networking channels. Hence, you’ll find it easy to instantly share your supplies, thus boosting audience engagement effortlessly.

By leveraging the power of top-notch channels, users can put their hands on the limitless source of viral traffic.

Pros and Cons


  • Can be applied to multiple different niches
  • You don’t need previous experience in coding to deploy this program
  • Beginner-friendly dashboard


  • No noticeable weakness

Why Should You Buy It?

To start with, iTraffic X can benefit your company in multiple ways. Not only can this program help you increase your ultimate profits, but in addition, it allows you to put all the steps in the video making process on complete autopilot. Consequently, you don’t have any difficulty generating substantial amounts of traffic.

What’s more, should you choose to be an early bird for iTraffic X, you can also obtain an agency license which is worth $567. After that, you have the right to resell this application as your service and keep all the profits.

Moreover, users are capable of producing movies in a few clicks using the built-in video editor. Besides, you may also choose to upload your own videos. Not to mention that these videos can be shared across the chosen platforms. Driving traffic will then become an easy mission.

Pricing and Benefits of Payment

I’ve expressed an obvious opinion during my iTraffic X Review this is a worthwhile selection for Internet marketers. By implementing this application, followers can make proper adjustments to your video advertising campaigns. It will be on air soon, so stay tuned until December 19, 2018.

Additionally, the price for early birds is $23. However, this price will increase after a brief while. If you’re seeking more information regarding this suite, please pay attention to its sales page, which can be found right now. There’s a vast array of price packages, so that you can make your choice wisely.

Beside, iTrafficX has 1 Front-End and 5 OTOs:

  • -Front-End (iTrafficX — $22.95) (See Details)
  • -OTO two (iTrafficX — Rose Gold Edition — $67) (OTO2 LINK FOR REFERENCE ONLY)

The Bottom Line

In brief, iTraffic X is a online platform which is capable of covering everything you need for a successful video marketing campaign. If you ask me, I would recommend that it is the top priority for Web marketers, particularly when videos play the ultimate role.

Additionally, I am extremely happy that you follow my iTraffic X Evaluation until the last part. Knowing that someone actually considers and enjoys my advice makes me feel relieved. Therefore, I hope that you can get something valuable from my review.

Finally, if you have any question or concern, you know that you can always search for my answers.

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